Cosmic Consciousness

by Ole A. Seifert
To choose art as a way of life is sometimes a harsh way of meeting the world which often receives you with a lot of raised eyebrows. Still, it is a rich world; a world where you harvest richly from experiences, free of forced barriers and boundaries .

In a cosmic consciousness, I see enlightened truth, love and peace. Or should I say empowered with love and peace as a guidance, the truth becomes noble and full of light, something to reach out to. The universal power tries to reach us and lead us to a common consciousness: —a substainable way for ourselves, our next and the entire cosmos. Some put this into tight frames with profane leaders and call it religion. And,well yes, it is religion. But, like most religions, it is your personal relation to God and the divine that matters, not all others limitations.

The value of wisdom is forgotten in our time. Nowadays, it is intelligence that counts. We disect the world into tiny fragments. We become allmighty and preoccupied with the atoms and ions and forget the whole picture.

When we’re children, the adults impose us to practice politeness. But, they do not necessarily practice it themselves. How many of us are polite enough to wait for everyone to get off the tram, bus or boat before we try to enter? As if it were the last journey? It is quite the same with knowledge that isn ́t integrated into daily life. It never becomes deep or wise. Knowledge must be mixed with feelings and empathy , otherwise it just becomes skin deep.

When material wealth is the only kind of wealth that counts, life gets pretty poor. How rich can you really be if you aren’t capable of sharing?

In the universal context, our world is barely a small dot. Are we not related to our fellow human beings? How can my own life be rich and meaningful if I collect an immense amount of things and exclude other people from participating? Can I really be happy while my sisters and brothers are suffering? Maybe, if I cling to my blissful ignorance and create intellectual barriers to avoid getting emotionally engaged? If I ignore the consequences that my material and spiritual pollution has on others and forthcomming generations, I can collect as much earthly possesions as I can for myself and my children, while future generations will choke on oxygen poor air, empty and polluted oceans and be affected by the impoverished soil. It makes me think about euthanasia and slow, tormented, collective suicide. How do I really want my life and our time to affect future generations?

One of our dear Christian commandments, tells us not to envy our neighbour. If I crave for the same things that my neighbour has; e.g. fancy cars, a big house and cottage, does this not contradict this commandment?! In Norway, we adhere to a similar set of rules that apply to venturing in the mountains. One of them states; ”There is no shame in turning back earlier than late” In other words, it is never to late to alter one’s ways.

Hope is one of the major things we have as humans. And the last thing to die. The belief that each and everyone of us can make a difference is important to keep alive. Then, the hardest part remains, – to make conscious choices!


Ole A. Seifert

Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes time.

Vision with action can change the world.

— Joel Baker.



Written in norwegian in 2001 and published on my art calendar of 2002. Translated English version (this) published on my art calendar of 2008. Same text used on my art calendar published and distributed in China, 2007. © Ole A. Seifert — Feel free to share in non-commercial settings. Sharing is caring, but be kind and let me know.


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