Anarchism, consumerism and the unconditional basic income guarantee

by Ole A. Seifert, first published May 9, 2012 at 8:43pm
    In my book, anarchist should be open minded, free thinking and inclusive. The unconditional Basic Income is a very old idea, older than the defined anarchism (though anarcistic ideas can be dated to far beyond the definded anarcism). Since the “definition of Anarchism”, human mankind has achieved some opportunities or progress. Just reading this on the net as a good example. Understanding the aspects of work, production and consume in a modern world, another. The doctrine about labour and paid work for all and everyone, is not anarchistic in itself. I am not against labour or anyones choice to choose (paid) work as a path in life, rather open to see other ways as equal right to coose as a way of life. But in a modern society, everybody do not have to work eight hours to provide the necesessaty of life, rather it stimulates a consumers (read capitalistic) world or dream. An unhealthy consumerism consumes and exploits mother earth and its resources.


Anarcism an basic income guarantee has long been tied together. Important in our time is to rethink our view on labour. That´s why I strongly advocate an Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee


In 2012 (well, even in 1984 for that sake) it is not longer necessary to keep people enslaved with eight hours work, unless offcourse you want to preserve consumerism. It is rather suitable for communism or other authoritan political -isms or capitalism to keep this doctrine alive. I am neither. I am an anarchist with conserns for mother nature, scarce ressources and freedom. I will not close my eyes for possibilities, technology included, that preserves these mentioned unhealthy “values”. There are many ways of thinking anarchy. Very few are extreme primitivists. Let´s think anarchy from where we are. Right now we are in 2012.


Here is some ways of thinking the funding of the Unconditional Basic Income:

Erasing poverty by Basic Income Guarantee based on Tobin-tax


Unconditional basic income + flat income tax = effectively progressive income tax


Sven Stokkeland, Borgerlønn




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